Ladoga Trophy

Ladoga Trophy is the largest offroad event in Europe, uniting all the enthusiasts: from newbies to professionals.  

Diverse terrain: large stones, mud bogs, river shallows, mountains, forest clearances, tractor ruts. Everyone, who loves the offroad freedom is welcome: modified sports vehicles, regular 4*4 crossovers, ATV, UTV, motorcycles, RC, trail-runners, and aqua-bikes. 


About Ladoga Trophy

«Ladoga Trophy» is an international offroad festival, marking its 24th season in 2020. This event is famous for its diverse tracks and for uniting all off-road lovers of the world: professional sportsmen and tourists, ATV, moto, and truck drivers, trail-runners and RC-entusiasts. 

«Ladoga Trophy» is an 8-day marathon, which takes place around the Ladoga Lake in the Karelia and Leningrad regions. During the festival, about 3 000 participants from 15 different countries, will change 3 base camps, conquer distances from 1500km to 2500km, depending on their category, and will immerse in the famous “Ladoga atmosphere” full of friendship and mutual help. In the 24 years of its uninterrupted run, “Ladoga Trophy” has truly become an international offroad forum, welcoming exchange of offroad knowledge and experience from different people, united by one idea.

The “Ladoga Trophy” organizing team is represented by offroad professionals, with extensive experience in trophy-driving. Track-creators are professional trophy-raid sportsmen with expert knowledge of the region, which allows to develop interesting yet safe tracks year after another. 

In 2019, “Ladoga Trophy” has launched a new business idea – cultural expeditions around Russia. The first expedition to Crimea became a big success, and inspired the organizing team to explore new places in 2020: Chechen Republic, Dagestan, Kolsky Peninsula, and, by numerous requests from participants – one more go at the Crimean expedition.    

What's the base camp at "Ladoga Trophy" like?


«Base camp» at “Ladoga Trophy” – is a small town for 3 000 people, which spreads for several square kilometers. Participants and their guests choose the accommodation suitable to their needs: camps tents, campers, RV’s, or in hotels located near camp sites. Each camp is equipped with a full set of amenities for a comfortable stay in the wilderness:

  • canteen, cafes and beer bar,
  • shower, WC and sauna, 
  • cinema-tent and press-center,
  • kids camp, 
  • medical services,
  • security,
  • centralized garbage disposal – the campsite must be cleaner after Ladoga Trophy leaves, then it was before we arrived. 

Participants, who will choose to stay in the nearby hotels, must consider the transfer time necessary to arrive to the base camp in time for the daily mandatory briefings.  

"Ladoga Trophy" is a sports competition

Sports Amenities

In order to supply fair and quick results for all the 21 categories of our participants, the sports services operate from 7AM till 2AM daily:
  •  Daily briefings with all the participants. As a rule, the GT-groups have their briefings in the mornings, while the rest – in the evening.
  • Navigational control services, where all the tracks are up- and downloaded daily. The competitors’ results directly depend on these track-loggers, and it is vital to learn how to use them correctly.
  • Online-tracking of all teams – now friends and family can observe the success of their teams during the competition, while sitting at home
  • Timing services – tracks times of start and finish. Also, a quick scan of the chip after returning to the base camp, will show the team progress report for the given day.
  • A Wi-Fi network with all the protocols, photos, documents and maps will be available at all base camps.
  • Sports committee – three independent judges to sort out all disputes.  

Start in the heart of St. Petersburg

Festive take-off

For 20 years in a row, “Ladoga Trophy” has been taking off in the very heart of St. Petersburg – the St. Isaac’s square. It is an emotional moment for all the competitors, while they are still clean and their vehicles are in order. The unforgettable moments on the podium are remembered by each team for years to come!

Right after the take-off, the festival caravan goes straight to the first special stages.

Tracks and routes


Ladoga Trophy always had a reputation for compelling tracks. Various competitors have described the tracks as “hard”, “diverse”, “beautiful”, “dynamic”, and even “crazy”. 

 The tracks are created by the top-knotch trophy sportsmen with expert knowledge of the Ladogalake region and decades of experience. 

 On the average, the organizing team spends about 3 months scouting the future tracks for each of the 21 categories. This year, the competitors will get a chance to join the organizers during theLadoga Trophy 2020 scouts.

Almost 10 000 km - just to see "Ladoga Trophy"


Ladoga Trophy is an international festival. About 80% comes from all over Russia, while the other 20% come from other countries.  

Ladoga Trophy is an international forum for valuable experience exchange with like-minded offroad enthusiasts.  

Environmental consciousness


Ladoga Trophy cares for ecology. This is an important issue for all of us. Caring for ecology and following strict rules during the competition will allow the offroad movement to further grow.  

 In 2020, the organizing team together with the competitors will plant 15 000 young pines. Together we will plant a whole forest.

Furthermore, the everyday life of the festival includes:

  • Separate used batteries collection – just ask for the special container in the navigational services tent.
  • Centralized garbage disposal for all the competitors and their guests. Our goal is simple: we want to make the camp site cleaner after our festival leaves, than it was before we arrived.

Exploration and cultural navigation


The Grand Tourism groups at “Ladoga Trophy” have been actively developing since 2015. In 2019, more than 100 teams attended the competition. Our competitors gave us the idea to use the skills and experience of our team to make events all over the vast territories of Russia.

 In October of 2019, the first expedition was successfully held in Crimea. The positive feedback from competitors, encouraged us to create more destinations for our expeditions. 

In 2020, the following expeditions are available for participation:

  • Expedition around the towns of the ancient Caucasus: Chechnya and Dagestan. May 1-5
  • Ladoga Trophy in Chechnya. August 16-23.
  • Expedition to Crimea: from Kerch’ to Sebastopol. October 26-31.

Everyday amenities
“Ladoga Trophy” festival
Sports Amenities
“Ladoga Trophy” festival
Festive take-off
“Ladoga Trophy” festival
“Ladoga Trophy” festival
“Ladoga Trophy” festival
“Ladoga Trophy” festival
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